onsdag 12 november 2014

A real treasure in my Collection

 A week ago or so I got very lucky when I received a Jersey from no less than Emanuele Sella in Team Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela. I have a very long time admired Emanule when I think he is a true fighter on the bike. Very often during races he is in a breakaway and always tries to make the race worth for the Team. He is also a true and loyal member to the others in the Team and always fights for them.

I have meet Emanuele several times, the last time last year at Il Lombardia and he has always been friendly and he is a very generous fellow. When I wrote to him and asked if it was possible for me to obtain a jersey with the numbers left on the jersey, he told me that he unfortunately was done with races this year. But instead would he send me the jersey he had during the last stage of this years Giro d´Italia. He also signed the numbers for me as well the jersey on the front.

For me it has been a dream to have a jersey that a rider of the Giro d´Italia have used, and who could believe that I would get the great Emanuele Sellas jersey?


torsdag 2 oktober 2014

Team Belkin

I have now started to build up my Collection of items from Team Belkin, I willn´t make the same misstake as I did with Team Colombia Coldeportes and Think that the Items will be there forever and I also thought that the items of Colombia would be cheaper.
So in the last week I have recieved a couple of Items that I´m happy to ad too my Collection.
Official Jersey - Race Fit - Team Belkin - 2014
Team Replica - Team Belkin 2014
Official Bibs for the Team
Summer Cap - Team Belkin
Official Race Gloves for the Team - Team Belkin 2014

Bottles Team Belkin - 2014

tisdag 23 september 2014

A few new Items to my Collection

I have gotten some new items to my collection, I am very happy for them, specially the Bibs which I bought from Thomas Geraints family.

Cap Team Belkin - 2014

TEam Belkin - Summer Jersey short sleeve full zip - 2014

Team Vacansoleil-DCM - Summer gloves - 2013 (rare)

Team Vacansoleil-DCM - West 2012

Team Barloworld - Bibs from ex rider Thomas Geraint